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J.B. McCuskey’s campaign shifts focus to Attorney General Race

July 24, 2023

McCuskey’s campaign shifts focus to Attorney General Race

Charleston, WV—West Virginia State Auditor J.B. McCuskey, who had previously been running for Governor, has made the decision to switch campaign efforts toward the race for Attorney General.

“I am a strong, principled conservative who will never stop fighting for West Virginian’s freedom and prosperity. West Virginia needs a strong conservative fighting for them against the nonsense that is coming out of Washington, D.C., that is negatively affecting our state. Our administration will fight tirelessly against bad policies, just as we have as your State Auditor, and we will continue the work Patrick Morrisey has accomplished in during his tenure.” – J.B. McCuskey

J.B. will continue to work on solving some of the top issues facing West Virginia, in his pursuit of the Attorney General’s office. Finding conservative solutions for criminal justice reform and working with the legislature and the next governor to ensure that all Mountaineers are treated fairly must be a priority of the next Attorney General. J.B. will work tirelessly to hold the powerful accountable, punish those who need punished, and treat those who need treatment. As Attorney General, he will fight to ensure the civil rights of all West Virginians as well as continue Attorney General Morrisey’s fight for consumer protections so that corporations are not allowed to run roughshod over our people. J.B. will continue to maintain a strong partnership with prosecutors and law enforcement to make justice for all a top priority. 

J.B. McCuskey understands how important parental rights are to West Virginia families. He will always defend parents’ involvement in their children’s education. J.B. will continue to fight for School Choice for West Virginia. He will work tirelessly to ensure West Virginia children have access to the best education possible and ensure our school systems work with parents to make the best choices for every child. Students and families are one of the main reasons why J.B. got involved in the political process, to begin with and he will continue to provide options for families while keeping our schools safe. 

McCuskey also understands the importance of preserving West Virginian’s way of life. As Attorney General that means defending them from out of touch, Washington bureaucrats who will work tirelessly against the best interest of all West Virginians. Specifically, this means continuing Attorney General Morrisey’s fight to protect our energy workers, our farmers, our gun owners, and the First Amendment rights of all mountaineers.

McCuskey is excited to work with the next governor and our strong republican majorities as our state’s chief legal officer to finally ensure that our government is accountable, transparent, small, and effective. The time is now to analyze our entire state bureaucracy and turn it into an efficient machine that respects taxpayers, produces world-class education, infrastructure, job opportunities and a pathway to a better life for all those who seek it.