As a man of faith and the father of two young daughters, J.B. McCuskey believes that each and every life is precious. He is proudly pro-life and will always stand up to fight for our most innocent lives: the unborn. In the state legislature, McCuskey supported laws prohibiting abortion procedures in West Virginia. As governor, he will fight to block liberal policies that threaten unborn lives and will ensure that West Virginia’s conservative, pro-life values are upheld.

Government Transparency

Officials at all levels of government should be held accountable to the people that elect them. During his terms as State Auditor, J.B. McCuskey made government transparency and accountability a top priority, and he will continue to do so as governor. J.B. has seen firsthand how damaging bureaucracy can be to government efficiency and will work to spread transparency across branches and agencies. Under his leadership, West Virginia is now one of the most transparent states in America. McCuskey created a one-of-a-kind platform to monitor government spending and prevent abuse of taxpayer dollars.

Energy & Coal

The coal industry is the backbone of West Virginia and J.B. McCuskey knows that coal is crucial for a prosperous energy economy. McCuskey supports the coal miners and their families who have dedicated their lives to power West Virginia and America. In the House of Delegates, McCuskey sponsored legislation to improve coal mine safety. He has been a strong voice against burdensome climate rules that would harm West Virginia’s coal economy and has previously been endorsed by pro-coal groups within the state.

Taxes & Economy

Simply put, West Virginians need less taxes, not more. J.B. McCuskey is a fiscal conservative. He is raising his own family and understands firsthand that lower taxes mean more money in the pockets of hardworking West Virginians, and in turn, better economic growth. In the state legislature, J.B. McCuskey advocated for lower taxes. As State Auditor, he implemented a live databank where West Virginians can see exactly how their tax dollars are being spent. McCuskey also founded the Public Integrity and Fraud Unit, which has saved taxpayers more than $2 million statewide.

Communities & Safety

The Mountain State is one of the best places to live, work, and raise a family. J.B. McCuskey has been serving West Virginians for more than a decade and in that time has worked with mayors, commissioners, and other leaders to reduce blight and make our cities and towns more attractive to families and businesses. As State Auditor, McCuskey served as West Virginia’s Land Commissioner and helped secure funding to demolish dilapidated buildings in the state. In addition, McCuskey stands with law enforcement officers and is committed to making our streets safer.

Second Amendment

J.B. McCuskey is a proud supporter of the Second Amendment and the rights of West Virginians, and all Americans, to keep and bear arms. He will fight to ensure protection of the Second Amendment and defend against liberal policies that threaten our constitutional rights. As an avid hunter, J.B. McCuskey is an advocate for sportsmen across West Virginia and firmly believes that gun rights are fundamental for sport, freedom, and our protection.

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